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Cavity Wall Insulation

Studies have proven that cavity wall insulation is the single most effective insulation measure which can be taken for all residential and commercial buildings, and can reduce heating costs by up to 40%.

At Ecowise we stock both KOREfill cavity wall insulation and Certainfil cavity wall insulation - by using both suppliers we can ensure our customers the best deal and the most timely service.

  • There is no waste - you only pay Ecowise for what we put into the cavity.
  • There is no mess - no cutting and shaping of boards and batting.
  • There is no storage - we bring the beads with us on the day.
  • Save -  6 - 10% in bricklayer's time and costs (on average €2 - €3 per m2)
  • No site supervision is necessary

Physical Properties
Cavity Wall Insulation - Bonded Bead Wall InsulationBoth KOREfill and Certainfil are types of cavity wall insulation which utilise two basic components. These cavity wall insulation components are a specially manufactured grade of closed cell polystyrene FRA thermal bead, which is coated with an air drying adhesive during the injection process. This special bonding agent allows the insulation beads to flow freely until the cavity wall is completely fitted. The adhesive then sets, forming the beads into a bonded homogeneous heat saving mass which will not shrink, crack, settle or be unduly affected by the removal of any of the outer brickwork for alterations or window replacement.

Both Korefill (IAB certificate 07/0293) and Certainfil are appropriate for use with all non-insulated cavity walls, and can be installed in just half a day. Ecowise were the first company to be certified by the Irish Agrément Board for the product and its installation.

Thermal Properties
Cavity wall insulation has an affective thermal conductivity of 0.033Wm-1K-1 and will satisfy the new building regulations. i.e. 100mm cavity = 0.27u Value. The heat retained within a building as a result of the Silver cavity wall insulation, will result in 40% more fuel savings. Cavity wall insulation gives 15% - 20% better thermal insulation compared with other insulation techniques.

cavity wall insulation Installation
Our technicians can install 500 - 700 square meters of bonde beaded cavity wall insulation per day on new build sites. The bead and bonding agent are delivered into the cavity at the correct material-to-binder ratio through a specially designed injection gun. Small holes are drilled in the mortar joints of the external face of the building following the approved drilling pattern. After the installation is completed the holes are carefully sealed and made good with colour matched mortar. The injection process ensures that the wall cavity is totally filled.


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